The 5 Rules of Recovery

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, there are five rules to recovery. The recovery is for people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction and also helps prevent relapse. The rules are as follows:



Change your life

It is vital to decide to live a life free from addiction. One must also determine that they will no longer use drugs or alcohol in any shape or form.

Even when we stop using drugs, the environment and friends can still influence us to use them.

There will be a lot of pressure from family and friends who do not understand what you are going through during your recovery process. It is therefore essential to have people that support our decision about recovering from addiction.


Be honest

When we get addicted to drugs, we lie and hide the truth from ourselves and those around us. During the recovery process, we must be honest with ourselves and others. We should not keep secrets from those vital to the recovery process because hiding the truth prolongs negative consequences such as relapse. We need to learn and practice being completely honest-including admitting when we make mistakes or go against any rules. Being honest about our struggles, cravings and experiences will make it easier for others to support us. Self-honesty also helps us to be accountable for ourselves and our actions.


Ask for help

The recovery process is not an easy one. We need to rely on others who are willing and ready to support us during this time, including family, friends, or professional therapists. Having the right people around helps with managing stress levels, making it easier to ask for help. We should not be afraid of asking for help when we need it. It is also essential not to let guilt or shame prevent us from asking for assistance when we face a difficult time.

Various groups support the recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. For instance, those addicted to meth can join a meth addiction treatment. They offer peer support which helps to reduce the stress felt during recovery. Being in a recovery group of like-minded people is very important because we share our experiences and learn from each other.


Practice self-care

Self-care is vital during the recovery process. It helps reduce stress and make it easier for us to manage cravings and triggers—self-care practices such as eating healthy, exercising regularly, avoiding drugs or alcohol in any form.


Don’t bend any rules.

During the recovery process, we must be willing to do anything it takes to stay sober. It is also important not to bend any rules even when friends or family members try to convince us otherwise. The decision about staying sober from drugs and alcohol has been made, which means there should be no going back. When people care for our safety during this time, they will respect our decision and not try to convince us otherwise.



The factors mentioned above are essential for people who want to recover from addiction. We need to accept responsibility for our actions, avoid triggers and influences around us, be honest with ourselves and others.


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